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Last time I talked about the smell of electric hot plate while using in dining room. My secret weapon to remove the smell is diffusing essential oil. The most quality essential oil brand is Young Living.

I’ve started to use Young Living Essential Oil two years ago while my elder daughter began to have a lot of emotions. She was 8 years old at that time, started to have much conflict with the family. At first, I just want to try if any essential oil can help us to relax. To my surprise, Young Living brings us not only harmony but also better health in these two years. I’ve tried to enhance the immunity of our family and not to intake so many medicines when we are not feeling well. Now we haven’t seen doctor for quite a while.

I have a lot of favourtie oils among the selections. Let me share with you those I use most frequently.

Purification – Essential Oil for Odor Removal

Every time after we used hot plate or had hot pot in the dining room, I will diffuse Young Living Purification® Essential Oil as it can remove the odor effectively. Sometimes after we painted the ceiling or wall, I also diffuse Purification to get rid of the painting smell. We even bring it to Karaoke for dissolving the smoking smell!

Another purpose of Purification is cleansing and soothing insect bites, but it doesn’t work very well on me (although it works on my friend). Surprisingly, Young Living R.C.® Essential Oil soothes my mosquito bites better.

DiGize – Essential Oil for Abdominal Pain

DiGize Essential Oil blend combines Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Lemongrass, Anise, Patchouli oils and Fennel essential oil. Although I don’t really enjoy its scent, it is frequently used in my home for soothing abdominal problem.

My daughters usually have abdominal pain or digestion problem. I dilute DiGize with Young Living V-6® Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and apply on their abdomen every time, normally they feel better around 15 minutes. Some parents will use Tummy Gize™ Essential Oil instead to get rid of the dilution process. This is really a MUST HAVE item in my home!

Lavender – Most Versatile Essential Oil

Lavender is the favourite oil for my younger daughter. She loves the scent and so do I. I call it all-purpose oil and must bring along for any trips. It can be diffused for relaxation, can also apply to cure the wound.

Lavender can be blended with many oils in Premium Starter Kit for different purpose. I blend it with Lemon and Peppermint (we call this LLP) to support running nose and other respiratory problems. Lavender also works well with PanAway for muscle pain and Young Living Stress Away® for better sleep.

Peace & Calming – Parents Most-needed Essential Oil

As the name can tell, Peace & Calming Essential Oil is for bringing peace and calm which are very important for both parents and kids. Sometimes kids are just too excited, I will apply Peace & Calming Roll-on directly as it is already diluted. When I am mad at children, I will also roll on myself to calm down.

Gentle Baby Essential Oil is similar to Peace & Calming which can be used for babies and during pregnancy. My little ones love that smell very much.

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There are many essential oil brands out there, but I would choose the best quality one for my family. Young Living Essential Oil is pure and derived naturally from plants. I do feel the difference for my family after using Young Living. Do join me if you want to experience the difference, click here to join member for 24% discount on retail price. Please put my member number 14520408 on “My Sponsor ID” and “My Enroller ID” so I know you’ve joined. I will share my favourite blend and recommendations personally with you.

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