Migration to United Kingdom – Preparation Needed

Haven’t updated my website nor written any articles here for more than 7 months. What have I been doing? I have been working on a big project during the past months, it’s relocation to the UK!

We started this plan from September 2019, getting the financial proof and other documents ready for applying visa. The application process was slowed down by Covid-19, we finally got our visa approved in August 2020 and departed in mid October.

Migrating to a country which we have never lived in is not easy. We need to have a lot of preparations, both physically and mentally. In order to have a smooth and fast adaptation to the new environment here in UK, we found some useful products below that really helped us a lot on the transition.

Folding travel car seat – handy and portable


In UK, children under 12 years old or under 135cm tall must use a child car seat. We had to drive to Airbnb after we got off the plane when we arrived on the first day here, so we must have a child car seat for my younger daughter. Renting a car seat is expensive and not cost effective as we would need it anyway later, but most car seats are bulky and take up a lot of space of our luggage.

Luckily I found a very handy car seat called mifold which can be folded into a very small size. I can easily pack it in my suitcase. mifold can also be fitted on the car conveniently. It is definitely a must have product for travelling.

carpet cleanerEasy carpet cleaner – must have item before move in a new home

After staying a week at Airbnb, we moved to our new home in UK. Before moving in, we need to have a deep cleaning on the entire house. An easy carpet cleaner is a must have item for deep cleaning, Vax compact power carpet cleaner is an ideal option. It is easy to use and affordable, but will not sacrifice on cleanliness.

There are specific carpet cleaning solutions for this machine. After cleaning the carpet, the originally clear water will get dirty. You can see how the carpet cleaner cleans the dirt. It is also not big in size which can be stored easily under the staircase or in your storeroom.

Portable heater for bathroom – winter must have!

Weather in UK is very different to Hong Kong. When we arrived in October, it was around 10-15 degrees which already equivalent to winter in Hong Kong. However, it went further cold here in winter which we felt cold during shower. Finally we bought a portable heater to be used in the bathroom.portable heater

It is very handy and useful especially for kids. My children always take a long bath and they will feel cold when getting dressed. The portable heater helps a lot to prevent getting cold. It can also be used anywhere you like as long as there is an electric socket.

All in one wireless printer for home use – good for immigrants

all in one wireless printerAs I mentioned before, we relocated from Hong Kong to UK by immigration visa. We still have a lot of documents to print and scan at the beginning of settlement here. An all-in-one printer, copier and scanner is very useful for us.

We have to print application documents for shipment of our belongings, also have to scan applications for general practitioner (GP). In some borough of UK, you need to print application forms for schools which also requires a printer. In the current situation of pandemic, we always need to do things remotely by scanning and sending. This all in one printer, copier and scanner is easy to use with all the functions we need. Price is also affordable, it is the best wireless printer for home use!

As I said, relocation to another country is not easy. There are a lot of things to prepare. The above items definitely make your life easier at the beginning of settlement. Let’s have a hassle-free relocation!

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