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Sad to say, we need to start staying home life again in Hong Kong due to coronavirus pandemic. My kids went to school for around a month, but need to start summer holiday again. Current situation seems even worse than March, no zoom class nor homework from school. It’s summer but swimming pools are closed. We cannot go for outbound trips, not even staycation within Hong Kong.

In order to avoid too much rely on screen, I need to think even more ideas for this special summer stay home holiday. My girls like DIY projects very much, for anything. They always love to mix things together for making their own creations. I’d like to share some kids DIY projects about arts and crafts.

Easy DIY Slime – what ingredients to make slime?

Slime is very popular among young kids, most children love the fluffy and funny texture. My girls always search recipe for homemade slime at YouTube. They will ask for the ingredients and make slime by themselves, but we may not have their required materials on hand. So we found a DIY slime recipe without borax using very popular ingredients which you can easily find at home.Playing slime

You only need to mix 1/2 cup of shampoo and 1/4 cup of cornstarch in a bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of water and stir, then repeat for 5 more times and knead until well.

For sure the easiest way is readily-made DIY slime kit, the kit normally includes colouring or glitter which children can make slime in different style.

Marbling Paint – paper fabric innovative handmade art

My girls received a marbling paint set from relative, it is fun and they like creating marbling paint on paper. They need to mix water with the concentrated solution provided, then create their own colour pattern and dye on paper. This process is fun for them and the end product is also very nice.

DIY Rubber Bands Bracelet – time killing craft for girls

This is not a new product, but my girls still love playing with it once a while. Kids can design their own bracelets by “knitting” rubber loom bands. It is easy to make and also has different accessories to add on. This is a time-killing activity for kids, they can concentrate on making bracelets for hours!

Aquabeads – another time killing craft

Aquabeads is using beads with different colours to form a pattern or character, the beads will stick together by adding water. Similar to rubber band bracelet, this craft can train children’s muscle and concentration. It normally spends more time than making bracelet at my home.

For my kids, DIY projects are one of their favourite home activities. Sometimes they simply use some tissue boxes and toilet paper tubes to make robot, car, toy capsule vending machine, etc. I usually let them use any available materials freely, don’t limit their creativity! Let’s do more DIY and please share your ideas with me too.

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