Kids Arts and Crafts – Stay Home Activities during Lockdown

Staying home for 7/24 is not easy for adults, even worse for kids. To occupy their time and keep them busy, I do a lot of arts and crafts activities with my 9 and 6 years old girls. Below I would share some kids arts and crafts ideas with you.

Pastel Nagomi Art

Pastel Nagomi Art is founded in 2003 by Mr Hosoya Norikatsu from Japan, now gaining popularity in the world and Hong Kong. It involves simple techniques of drawing by hands and soft pastels. It creates paintings with soft and gentle tone with harmony.

Nagomi Art by my elder daughter

During drawing, you will enjoy the peaceful feeling and your kids will love painting with their hands. Kids can have their own creativity to do any topics of paintings. You do not need many techniques but can create simple yet beautiful art pieces. There are a lot of videos on YouTube you can search for guidance.

What you need are:

  1. Soft pastel
  2. Drawing paper
  3. Art sieve
  4. Art eraser
  5. Masking tape
  6. Fixative spray for pastel


Origami I did with my kidsOrigami is a simple activity which you can do it anywhere. Making paper animals or containers are great fun for kids. Material is simple and you won’t mess up your home.

What you need is origami paper and an origami book, you may even simply search for videos or images teaching origami. Then kids can create their own origami zoo!


Scratch Art

Scratch art is also one of the favourites activities for my kids. It is healing and calming. No instructions are required, kids can simply scratch whatever they like.

There are two kinds of scratch art papers or books, one with guideline patterns and one is blank. You can choose which one suits your children.

Water Colour

Water colour is the traditional arts and crafts activity, but my kids love that. They can draw whatever they like, create their dream house or favourite characters.

Schools in Hong Kong normally teach water colour techniques during visual art lesson. You may already have a set of water colour and brushes at home. So you just get them some papers and they can spend hours for painting.

Stay Away from Screens

The reason why I do kids arts and crafts activities while staying home, is because I want to stay away from screens (at least several hours). We normally focus on our phones or TV when boring at home, but of course it is not good for children to do this whole day. I will try my very best to arrange some non-screen activities everyday, kids arts and crafts is a workable idea for my girls. Wish you all find them workable too!

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