Fun Home Kids Activities – They are FREE!

Being a full-time-mom without any income, I have to control all expenses. Now staying at home can also spend a lot of money through online shopping, I must find some free at home activities for kids!

Make Music with Water Glasses – Simple but Fun!

Just prepare several wine glasses or water glasses, can be in different size and shape. Fill them with different level of water, then you can swirl the mouth of glasses with moisten fingertips to create sound. Different size and shape of glasses have unique sound, the pitch will also vary with water level.

If you have several identical glasses, you can also fill them with various level of water to play a song. You can use a plastic spoon or chopsticks to tap on the glasses instead of swirling fingertips. There will be another type of sound created. It is a simple, free but fun music activity which can occupy hours of my kids time.

Workout with YouTube Video – Kids Yoga & HIIT

Keeping the family healthy is the most important task now. My 9 years old daughter asked me why she felt so tired and powerless recently, I said it’s because of lack of exercises. Then I search for kids HIIT video on YouTube to workout together, it’s completely free but useful. After the workout, they seem to have good spirit.

If you feel HIIT is too tough, you may try to do kids yoga. We can stretch our bodies, feel much comfortable and relaxing afterwards. It is better to spend 30 minutes everyday for workout or at least some simple stretching to keep your family active and healthy.

Free E-books by Kindle

Special thanks to Kindle who provides a number of free e-books online during this stay home period. It spent my kids time and also helped them to improve in English.

I myself also found a book which I want to read so much to facilitate my parenthood. It’s now free on Amazon!

Educational TV programs – for Language Learning

For me, TV is difficult to avoid so I use it for educational purpose. In a Hong Kong family like us, we desperately want to improve the English level of our kids. Listening to a native English speaker is not often even in schools. So we search for TV programs on Netflix and local TV channels which have positive content.

We also search for Mandarin speaking programs to practice listening. Why I use TV is because it’s the most effective way for the kids to focus. But for sure we have preset time limitation for watching TV everyday, so be sure you set time limit before any screen activities.

There are a lot of free at home activities for kids, most of them are fun and educational. Please do share with me when you find any other fun home kids activities.

4 thoughts on “Fun Home Kids Activities – They are FREE!”

  1. I am going to try making music with Water Glasses…this seems to be fun, never tried this. The other day I was playing with kids by making and blowing bubbles, the other activity which I did in family is we dressed up in your best clothes and had a fancy dinner at home – Its fun and new experience during this lock down.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. It has certainly been challenging and a blessing to be home more with kids and trying to make the most of the time.


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