Fun Family Board Games – Playing at Home for All Ages

Board games are always the best time killer in my stay home activities. People love to play games, not only kids. I think most of you should have played Monopoly or UNO when you were young. Now you can simply find out the old stuff and play with your kids again! Below are some best family board games to play at all time and all ages:

Monopoly – Classic Kids Board Game

Monopoly is always one of the top family board games. It kills a lot of time and also teaches children the concept of buy and sell. It also trains up the calculation speed of older kids at age 6 or above. There are now many versions and themes of Monopoly out there, which offer you with various fun. You may also choose a junior version if your kids are at younger age.

Monopoly Deal Card Game – Quick Version of Monopoly

It is one of our favourite yet handy games for bringing out to play. If you think Classic Monopoly is too time-consuming, Monopoly Deal Card Game is perfect for you as it can be played within 15 minutes. Be the first player to collect 3 complete Property Card sets in different colors to win. Even my little daughter at six has the patience to play and win this Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game!

UNO – Simple but Fun Kids Board Game

UNO is suitable for big family as it can accommodate up to 10 players. Kids can play with their grandparents, cousins or friends. Again, there are now many versions of UNO including Super Mario Game. UNO Extreme Card Game with Electric Launcher has an electronic shooter which makes the game more exciting!

Jenga – The Original Wood Block Game

This is suitable even for younger kids at age 4 or 5. Simply pull out the lower blocks and stack them on top without toppling the tower. It is simple but exciting!

Risk – Battle for Treasure on the High Seas

Risk is a battle game which I haven’t played when I was young, but I find it great fun now playing with my children! My 9 years old kid also learns about the world map and English from this game. There is Star Wars Edition at Amazon.

We have an original Risk which is for age 10 or above, honestly it is a bit too time-consuming for my younger daughter. She always lost her patience when playing long-lasting games. I just saw a Risk Junior Game for ages 5 and up, I believe this would work better with young kids.

Family Playing Board Games – Having Fun with Kids!

There are millions of different board games, many of them are educating yet entertaining. Sometimes we don’t only want to occupy the stay home time of our children, but also our free time during holiday. So don’t just let your kids play, play with them to have fun together!

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  1. Helloo Dear,

    Thanks for this amazing site with great ideas for this stay at home time, it’s hard to find new activities every day for our kids. Games goes a long away to keep them busy and are didacti,c not only for the kids, but for the whole family too.

    Stay safe,


    • Hi Isabella,

      Thanks a lot for visiting my site and giving comments.

      My family play board games everyday and we enjoy them. Wish you find them enjoyable too!

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