Fun Activities for Children at Home – Lockdown Special

After arriving two weeks in UK, the lockdown restrictions tightened. Restaurants in our area just offered takeaway and no household mixing was allowed. In early January 2021, there was even a national lockdown which schools were closed and we were encouraged to stay home.

Again, parents have to think of kids home activity. Although children have zoom classes and some homework to finish everyday, they still have some free time to spend. Below are some fun activities for children at home which our family did during lockdown period, hope you find them fun too!

Ring Fit Adventure – Switch Game

Although we can still go out for exercises during lockdown, physical activties are definitely less. Other than Just Dance Switch Game, we bought Ring Fit Adventure which is truly an exercising game. This game set includes two accessories, Ring-Con and Leg Strap. They help to measure your movement and pulse rate.

There are different modes in this game. In Adventure mode, you have to do different exercise tasks in order to work through the levels. Exercises include jogging, yoga and strength building for abs, arms and legs etc. There are different enemies to defeat and a lot of fun motions to complete which make exercising very enjoyable. It also records how many calories you burnt and how long you did exercise. Ring Fit Adventure is definitely a very good indoor exercise and muscle building activity. And the most important point is, this is fun and my kids enjoy playing and sweating!

Painting by Numbers – Relax for both Adults and KidsPainting by Numbers

Both my kids and I love painting, but we are not good at it. When I search painting tools for them, I saw these paint by number canvas for kids. They are white canvas with picture outline and numbers, paints and pens are also included in the kits.

Each colour is labelled with a number. Simply paint the numbered zone with respective colour carefully, you will get a beautiful painting. The process of drawing is calm and relaxing, I enjoyed it a lot. The reason why I chose canvas is that we can hang the pictures up as home decorations. As the canvas price is not low, you may consider printing those templates by yourself and start painting anytime.

Family Card Games – Best Time-killer

We are a board game family, all of us like board games and card games. I have written another article about board games before, I think this is the best time-killing activity at our home. Normally we spend an hour on board games on weekdays and even more than two hours on weekend. Below are the three new card games we indulge in recently.

Phase 10

Phase 10 card game by Mattel is introduced by my sister who is living in UK for 3 years. She said playing board game is an usual activity in most families here. To me, playing Phase 10 card game is like a simple version of Chinese mahjong. There are 10 phases to build, who is the quickest finishing Phase 10 wins. Each phase requires different combination of cards, sometimes is consecutive, sometimes is same numbers or even same colour. You may encounter a stage that you will stuck in one phase while others all moving up, that is the funny part of this game. Phase 10 is suitable for age 7 or above, and it is quite time consuming which you may need an hour or two to finish the whole game.

Another hit game in my family is UNO Flip! UNO is a classic game which we also had. UNO Flip game has new twist with another side of card which is called dark side! The panelty card on dark side includes draw 5 and draw until you get the required colour. This makes the card game even more exciting. It is for ages 7 or above and requires only 10 to 20 minutes per game.

The last but not least favourite is Exploding Kittens. It is a card game for 2 to 5 players from younger ages like 3 or 4 years old. The utimate goal is not taking the Exploding Kitten card. There are cards with different functions and the graphics are very funny. Children love them and find it very exciting. The game normally lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, it is also very handy to take for travelling. There are now different versions which can accommodate up to 10 players.

Home Salon – not only Fun but Necessary!

Salon and barber shop are also closed during lockdown, so what should we do with our hair? We bought a hair cutting clipper set and learn hair cutting by ourselves. The one we purchased is cordless hair clipper set, which includes an electric hair clipper with different size of guide combs, two scissors and one hair dressing clipper

Why would I say it is fun? Because my kids also learn and try using the hair clipper. It is waterproof and low noise, which children can also help to cut their fathers’ hair! You can make hair cutting a regular home activity, and keep the family look tidy at the same time.

For sure lockdown is not a good situation we want, but we could not avoid it in this pandemic. What we can do is embrace it and make it fun. Wish the above lockdown activities give you some ideas to brighten your life, hope to meet everyone soon in summer!

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