Best Electric Stand Mixer – Perfect for Cooking with Kids

For me, cooking is one of the most fun home activities for kids. I love cooking with kids, they can learn how to make food and enjoy the finishing product. Children also have the opportunity to learn different food ingredients, their original look and ways of cooking them. I always do baking with my children … Read more

Fun Activities for Children at Home – Lockdown Special

After arriving two weeks in UK, the lockdown restrictions tightened. Restaurants in our area just offered takeaway and no household mixing was allowed. In early January 2021, there was even a national lockdown which schools were closed and we were encouraged to stay home. Again, parents have to think of kids home activity. Although children … Read more

Migration to United Kingdom – Preparation Needed

Haven’t updated my website nor written any articles here for more than 7 months. What have I been doing? I have been working on a big project during the past months, it’s relocation to the UK! We started this plan from September 2019, getting the financial proof and other documents ready for applying visa. The … Read more