Best Electric Hot Plate Review – BRUNO Hot Plate

Electric hot plate is always one of the kids friendly cooking utensils. It doesn’t involve fire and doesn’t need to use in the kitchen (which is hot!). We always use hot plate on the dining table which children can have much involvement on cooking.

I like to let kids cook not only because it kills time, but it’s also a good opportunity for teaching them to treasure the food. Children learn how many preparations they need to do before and after cooking, like washing, cutting and cleaning. They then start to realize the time and effort we have to spend on cooking a meal.

There are a lot of things to learn during cooking with kids. One of the most frequently used cooking equipment at my home is electric hot plate. BRUNO Compact Hot Plate is the most popular hot plate in Hong Kong due to its convenience and nice outlook.

Grill Plate – Best for Korean BBQ & Teppanyaki

I always think it is the first step to do Korean or Japanese BBQ with kids. We just simply buy some raw meat, vegetables and seafood. Wash them and cut if necessary, then we can start to cook and eat! Seasoning can be as simple as Himalayan salt and pepper only, just add them during cooking on non-sticky grill plate.

Children can start heating the hot plate, then brushing the grill plate with oil. They simply put their favourite items onto the hot plate by tongs. Please be careful not touching the grill plate as it’s really hot. Kids can add their own seasonings on top and flip around the meat. It’s easy but fun.

BBQ is one of the favourite cuisine for my girls. If you don’t like to take so much meat, you may try to grill pineapple which is very juicy and my girls love that very much. Seafood like shrimps also go well with grill taste, sweet potatoes and portobello mushroom too!

Ceramic Coated Pan – Perfect for Hot Pot & Sukiyaki

Hong Kong people love hot pot, and so do I. It’s really warm to have hot pot in cold winter. It’s also a perfect chatting time for family and friends during hot pot. It goes very well with beer and sake which creates an enjoyable time for adults. For sure kids will finish eating as fast as they can then go to play!

Hot pot is also simple to prepare. What you need is buying meat slices (thin for cooking fast), vegetables and seafood. Wash and cut then cook. Normally we will have individual soy sauce with our own seasonings like chili, satay sauce, sesame oil or sauce. What we also need is chicken or fish broth or sukiyaki hot pot sauce. In Hong Kong, we may also buy tofu, deep-fried fish skin or bean curd crust to go with hot pot.

Children can cook their preferred items by themselves, but we have to make sure it’s fully cooked before they put into their mouth.


Takoyaki Plate & Pancake Plate – Kids Favourite

I have a previous article about cooking, also mention pancake for kids cooking. This pancake plate is multi-purpose, you can also use it for frying eggs for breakfast. The simplest method is buying readily-made pancake mix, add water and fry on the pancake plate by kids. The hot plate set is non-sticky and goes with a wooden spatula which is easy to use by children.

Takoyaki is Japanese octopus ball dumpling, many children love it. I haven’t tried making takoyaki as my girls don’t fancy it, but I do think it’s convenient to buy a takoyaki mix, sauce and stainless steel pick to make it by the takoyaki plate. Do share with me after you made some!

Steamer – Best for Seafood Lover

I love seafood. Steamed seafood is popular in Hong Kong, there are many restaurants offering this as it’s easy to buy fresh seafood here. Chinese always think steaming is the best cooking method for seafood to retain the fresh flavour.

BRUNO steamer for compact hot plate is an individual accessory, you can buy separately or together with the hot plate set. This steamer would be perfect for steaming fresh clams, crab, shrimps, etc. Simply buy, wash and steam them. Seafood freshness is already the best seasoning, but for sure you can add soy sauce to add flavour.

Perfect for Family Cooking

During cooking, kids can learn different kinds of ingredients. They can explore more where the meat is from, what kind of animal it is. For vegetables and fruits, they will google what the vegetables originally look like on a tree or under the ground. For seasoning, children read the ingredients and search the process of how these ingredients were made to this seasoning.

One problem of this hot plate is smell as it is always used in dining room without range hood. I will write another article to talk about how to get rid of the smell. Stay tune.

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